Monday, February 13, 2012

DIY Project: Repurposed Bookmarks

I made these the other day, for all the lovely ladies in my book club. Who doesn't like to have a pretty bookmark when you're reading that great book? Well, I do, and I hope my friends from book club do too...

I've seen several version of this project on Pinterest, like these cute little hearts, perfect for a valentine, or these toothy little monsters , which would be great for kids (this tutorial also describes how to make the bookmark "from scratch", not using envelope corners).

What you'll need:
some envelopes
pretty cards, card stock, or craft paper

What to do:
1. Cut off the corner in your desired shape.
2. Glue on your decoration (if your decorations are directional, make sure you align them to the corner you would like to use it on - I made some for the top corner & some for the bottom corner).
3. Let dry.

Voila! Pretty little bookmarks.

I used white envelopes for my bookmarks, but it might be even better to use colored ones, as they would be easier to see in your book. I cut my envelope corners in a square shape, and decorated them with some colored paper, topped off with some gorgeous and very silly antlered animals, cut outs from left over holiday cards. Pretty, functional & recycled!


  1. I love my bookmark! You sent me one of the leopard ones, and my husband has already named it "Leer" because it is a leopard+deer.

    1. Haha! "Leer", I love it! :D
      I'm so glad you liked your bookmark!

  2. Oh my goodness, I didn't realize it went in the corner of the page! That is so cool. Thank you for the very cute/useful bookmark. The mug is awesome too. My 6-year-old had fun writing my name on it today.

  3. If Melinda's is a "Leer" mine must be a Deerbra? I don't know but the antlers totally make it. :) Mine's currently residing in the corner of my AP Stylebook, marking the entry for numerals.