Thursday, January 3, 2013

DIY Project: Pom Pom Garland

I've seen pom pom garlands all over the place lately, and as I love pom poms, I've been dying to make my own for ages, to decorate the rack of the faux taxidermy deer head in my office. The other day, the massive bag of Pom Poms I ordered online finally arrived on my door step, and I made this garland this morning.

DIY Project: Pom Pom Garland

This project is super easy, very fast from start to finish, and so so cute!

What you'll need: 
pom poms
string, yarn, or fishing line
embroidery needle

You can use any type of pom poms for this project; felt, yard, or "fuzzies" like these.

What to do:
1. Starting 12 inches from one end of the string (or however long you think you'll need to attach the garland when using it), start adding a pom pom by spearing through it with your needle and thread. You can knot the thread around each pom pom, but if they sit fairly snug on the string, like min did, there's no need.
2. Repeat step 1, for however long you want your garland, adding another, and another, leaving a suitable space between each pom pom. Leave extra string on the other side as well.
3. Done!

I used an embroidery needle to make my garland, which worked well, but regular sewing needles would also have worked.

Perfect for holiday or party decor, or to spruce up a faux taxidermy rack. I also have tons of left over pom poms, and several other pom pom projects coming up!

 via my Instagram

I love my little pom pom garland! It fits in perfectly in my office!


  1. My absolute favorite line in this post? "Perfect for holiday or party decor, or to spruce up a faux taxidermy rack" - because we all have faux taxidermy racks around. :) Perhaps we should, if they're all so adorable as this. I bought a bunch of white and red pom poms before Christmas with great intentions that turned into... bags and bags of red and white pom poms sitting on a shelf unopened. Perhaps they'll make their for February 14th!

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  3. Love love the pom poms on the deer. I was trying to make them, but I think I got the wrong thickness of fishing line. Do you know what type to use? Also, maybe my pom poms are too compact?