Monday, January 21, 2013

DIY Project: Reusable Shopping Bag

This project started as something else, a beach bag, but I wasn't very happy with the end result. Not because this bag isn't nice, it is plenty nice. It just didn't turn out like the idea in my head. I hate when that happens. I was my mistake. I didn't use a heavy enough canvas, and I didn't use a stabilizer to make up for it. So instead of the stiff, standing beach bag I wanted, I got a flimsy, foldable bag, and thus my project was failed.

Then I thought "it won't make a great beach bag, but it would make a great shopping bag". And with the parameters changed, the project outcome changed, and I went from being unhappy to very happy with this project. So, I give you my brand new, accidentally made, enormous Reusable Shopping Bag:

Shopping bag with internal pocket and key fob.

It has wrap-around straps for strength and durability, French seams throughout, an inside pocket, a key fob, and padded strap handles. I used a light canvas in gray and white chevron, paired with a light aqua lining. The bag measures 22" by 18" by 8", but still fold down to a compact little square, perfect to keep in my purse or car, easy to bring to the mall or grocery store.

I like it, and and am glad to add a pretty reusable bag to my collection. I'm even happier to make something that I'll actually use out of a failed project that otherwise would have done nothing but collect dust at the bottom of some closet.

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