Monday, January 14, 2013

DIY Project: Fabric Wrapped Pin Board with Nail Trim

I made this for my office, having recently seen something similar on Pinterest. I used this gorgeous Mint Fleur Chinoise upholstery weight fabric, left over from my chair makeover, for my pin board, and silver tone upholstery nails for the trim.

My massive pin board via my Instagram

I love this print so much, I was stoked to have enough left over to cover my pin board! 

Fabric Wrapped Pin Board with Nail Trim

What you need:
1 cork board
fabric to cover cork board with a few inches to spare
nailhead trim
adhesive spray

What to do:
1. Iron your fabric thoroughly.
2. Adhere fabric to your pin board, using the spray adhesive. Start in one corner, and work your way across, making sure the fabric is completely smooth everywhere.
3. Line rim/frame of pin board with nail trim (my least favorite part of this project - it's quite hard on the fingers/thumbs). Make sure you place the nails straight, and with equal distance all the way around.
4. Flip board upside down, wrap the fabric around the edge/frame, and staple the fabric securely to the back.
5. Done!

This is such a quick, easy little diy that makes such a big difference! Now my pin board actually adds to my room decor, instead of being a boring, brown eyesore.


1 yard Caitlin Wilson Mind Fleur Chinoise fabric
300 upholstery nail trim nails
adhesive spray glue

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