Sunday, March 11, 2012

DIY Project: Studded Flats

While catching up on Fashion Week inspiration I spotted some amazing studded heels, and instantly feel in love. A quick search lead me to this absolutely fabulous DIY from A Pair & A Spare and just knew I had to do my own version.


Love, love, LOVE!!!
Here is my version, using flats:

Studded Flats DIY:

What you'll need:
1 pair of shoes, heels or flats
6 screw-on studs
1 hole maker
1 flat screw driver

I used a pair of coral flats, from J.Crew, and 10-inch silver colored cone studs.

What do do:
1. Assemble materials.
2. Make holes for the studs.
3. Insert screws.
4. Tighten studs.
5. Done!

Quick, easy, and so freaking awesome!!!!

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