Sunday, March 18, 2012

DIY Disaster: Touch-Up Paint Fail.

I'm currently in the midst of redoing my office, and figured I'd repair all the old nail holes and touch-up any scuff marks on the walls while I'm at it. Great plan!

So, very late last night (I had planned to do it in the morning, but since I hate waiting, I figured it would be much better to do it right then, and have it dry while I slept), I started filling all the holes with spackle, and the Husband retrieved the paint from storage in the garage. While I waited for the goo to dry, I started touching up the rest of the house as well. Before long, both the Husband & I were walking around the house, paintbrush in hand, determined to erase years of wear & tear off the walls. As we stumbled to bed several hours later than planned, I noticed that the areas that had already dried didn't look better at all, they looked worse! As if instead of erasing the flaws, we had sprinkled glitter on them to make them stand out. Oh hell, what now?

Yeah... So, as it turns out, ass-u-me-ing that you're working with the correct paint is not better than making 100% sure you're working with the correct paint. Who knew? (Really wish I had a sarcastic font right about now...)

Just typing that, I want to slap myself in the face.

The full scale of this DIY Disaster is hard to fully appreciate in the photos, but I've included this anyways. For laughs. (I'll be the first to admit, I find this particular snafu rather hilarious. Annoying, but hilarious nonetheless.)

If you've every wondered what glosse-white-on-matte-white chickenpox would looks like, now you know.
You're welcome.

And if you will ever need to touch-up your walls, now you won't forget to make sure the paints match.
You're double welcome.

Wow. I'm so glad we did every. single. room. instead of just my office. (Yeah, I'm really going to need that sarcasm font...)


  1. No!!! Is it time to just repaint everything?

  2. Oh no! Repainting the house was probably not the next thing on your to-do list.