Saturday, October 27, 2012

DIY Project: Bonnie's Quilt

I started this quilt on Wednesday, as soon as I finished this Elephant Blanket, and I've basically been sewing furiously ever since. I cut and pieced the quilt top that day, then did all the quilting and the binding yesterday. While I wouldn't recommend making 2 quilts in 4 days, given the resulting hunched-over-your-sewing-machine-for-hours-on-end crippling back and shoulder pain, I'm really pleased with this project. Definitely worth the pain.

The design of this quilt was entirely inspired by the prints used. I went with this large simple blocks to showcase the different coordinating patterns in the line, and quilted each block according to its pattern. The large block size made the quilt-top piecing come together quickly, which was good, since the quilting pattern added  a TON of additional work and time to the quilting process.

Quilt top.

At a distance you can't really see the quilting patters, but up close it is more noticeable.

Quilt top close up.

The relatively plain backing is where the different quilting patters really stand out.

Quilt back and quilting pattern, close up.

I'm happy with the design. In fact, this quilting pattern is my favorite of all the ones I've made so far (and this is my ninth quilt!). I used really light, soft, organic bamboo batting, and high thread count cotton fabric throughout, and as a result, this quilt is extremely soft and cuddly! I really, really, really LOVE how this quilt turned out. 

Quilt top and back.

Since I made this quilt for my friend's baby girl, Bonnie, I decided to try some more appliqué by adding her name to the otherwise solid, white backing, using leftover prints from the quilt top.

 Appliqué and quilt pattern, full. 

I did a simple zig zag around the letters. A few of them turned out a bit crooked, but I kind of like the whimsy it brings.

 Quilting pattern and appliqué name.

For the binding, I did an all-white double binding, using first the overhanging backing fabric, and then I added a homemade white binding on top of that. Usually I do this when I have two contrasting colors, so that you can see a thin line of the backing fabric peek out under the contrasting [top] binding, like this, but this time I did it mainly for durability. The bottom layer of binding also makes the top binding a lot easier to apply. Doing it this way means I do not need to pin or secure the binding in any way before I attach it. I can just hold it in place while sewing. Although it's white-on-white, you can see the bottom binding peeking out under the top one.

Label, double binding, and accurate representation of colors.

Some of these photos were taken in soft evening light right after I finished the quit, and others I took today in sharper mid-morning light, which changes the way the colors look from photo to photo, but this one (above) is an accurate representation of the color scheme.

I really, really hope Bonnie will like her little quilt!

Fabric used:

Simpatico Organic fabric collection by Michelle Engel Bencsko for Cloud9 Fabrics
Robert Kaufmann Organic White Cotton

I couldn't help to add this hilarious out take where Hubby's feet got caught in frame.


  1. Wow! Seeing this quilt in your detail shots I'm just speechless! You are so good at this!