Saturday, October 20, 2012

Glass blowing.

I tried glass blowing of the first time last week, and this week I found a heavy box on my stoop covered in "FRAGILE" stickers. Inside were the glass pieces I made, among them this paper weight. 

It was impossible to see what the end result was going to look like while I was making it, as the glass was glowing hot, so I was really curious to see what my swirly, glowing ball had turned into.  

I was surprised by how heavy it was; I didn't realize it was this big when I made it, since it sat attached to the blowing rod when I handled it. At I turned it over in my hand, I initially thought it looked like a orb of ocean waves. Then hubby, who was looking at it from the other direction, said "There's a fish!" Looking at the other side, I saw it too.

Can you see the fish? 

It was a total accident, of course, but still, I love my paper weight!

1 comment:

  1. That is SO cool!!! I can definitely see the fish! Beautiful!