Saturday, December 22, 2012

DIY Project: Studded iPhone Case

I've been using a simple, clear case ever since I upgraded my iPhone 4 for a 5. I've seen a bunch of these studded cases lately, and really liked them, but none of the ones I saw were made to fit the iPhone 5. I also didn't want a colored case with studs, I wanted a clear case with studs. Since I couldn't find one, I figured I'd just make my own.

This is what I came up with:

DIY Project: Studded iPhone Case

What you'll need:
hard iPhone case
flat studs
strong glue

long bamboo skewers or tooth picks (or what have you) to apply glue & move studs around

What to do:
1. Determine your pattern first. Use a ruler and a pencil, or tape if your case material won't tolerate pencil, as a guide if you feel like you need it. I free-handed mine, and they turned out fine.
2. Add a small amount of glue to a paper plate, it dries quickly, so refresh as needed. Start gluing your studs, being careful to place them straight and evenly.
3. Wait [impatiently] while the glue dries.

Voila! Awesome iPhone case!

Clear iPhone 5 hard case, $2.99
100 flat stud, $9

Each case came out to approximately $7 each.

Now I just need to decide on which I will use first, gun metal, or silver? 

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