Monday, December 3, 2012

DIY Project: Candy Cane Centerpiece

I made these Candy Cane Centerpieces for the first time last year, after finding a tutorial on Pinterest, and I knew right away that this was a project I would repeat many times over. However, this year when I went back to my old pin to refresh my memory, the link seems to be broken, and the tutorial missing. I had planned to link to it, with photos of my finished project, but instead I'm posting my method as I remember it. I don't know how closely it matches the original tutorial, as I haven't' read it in a year (should be fairly close though, as this is a really easy project), but this worked perfectly for me today, and the end result looks fairly similar to the original picture that was my inspiration. If you do happen to find the original tutorial, please let me know so that I can link and credit the original source. 

DIY Project: Candy Cane Centerpieces

These are perfect for a holiday party, a quick hostess gift, or as part of your holiday decor. Besides roses, I also filled a few of them with candles, and both looked fabulous (photos to come).

What you'll need:
1 clean glass container
1 rubberband or elastic that fits tight around the glass container
candy canes (number depends on size of glass container)
ribbon (length depends on size of glass container)
red roses and greenery OR large candle or luminary

What to do:
1. Fit elastic around the glass container.
2. Add candy canes between the elastic and the glass, making sure the elastic is tight enough to hold the candy canes in place. Continue to add candy canes until they cover the entire circumference of the glass container.
3. Straighten candy canes, and tie ribbon around candy canes, on top of the elastic, hiding it.
4. Your base is now finished. Trim roses to the correct length, making sure flowers form a slight dome shape, and arrange together with greenery in the glass container. Add water. Alternatively, add a candle instead.
5. Done!

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