Tuesday, December 18, 2012

DIY Project: Stamped Holiday Cards

This project was purely an accident; I had no plans of making my own holiday cards this year. However, between traveling and catching a nasty flue, I forgot to order our cards. By the time I remembered (last night before bed), it was much to late to order with any hope of receiving them before Christmas, not to mention mailing them out in time.

Initially, I thought I might be able to use some left over cards from a few years ago, but when I went to dig them out, there were only 10 or so left. What to do?

I literary woke up in the wee hours this morning, with the idea of using a stamp I stumbled upon online a while back. At the time, I thought it was so funny to find a Swedish dalahorse style stamp here in the US, so I bought it without any real plan of what to use it for, then put it away in my stationary drawer, and forgot all about it. Until 2 am this morning.


I got up right away, and spent the early morning stamping cards. I snapped a few pics during the process, but just with my phone, so they aren't the best, but I figured I'd share them anyways. 

I'm so happy that I had all the supplies at home already, so I could start right away, but I would have preferred better card stock. (Note to self: stock up on better card stock.) I just so happened to recently have ordered a brand new set of stamp ink pads, in an array of colors, and I chose to go with a classic red for the cards.

The horse stamp also came with an extra little flower stamp, so I used that as well to decorate the cards, and the envelopes.

Initially I had planned on writing a holiday greeting on the outside of the card, but I scrapped that idea as it didn't look that great. I wish I had an alphabet stamp set, and I would have used that. Instead I wrote the greeting on the inside. 

When the cards were all done, I figured I might as well finish them for shipping. A few hours later, all our holiday cards are made, signed, addressed, and ready to be be dropped in the mail box today!

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