Friday, December 21, 2012

DIY Project in Action: Cheesy Christmas Ornament Earrings

I made these quick & easy Cheesy Christmas Ornament Earrings before my recent trip to Sweden, to give to all my girl friends for our Christmas Get-Together/Cookie Party.

They were perfect as a fun little party favor.

My beautiful friends modeled them perfectly!

A lot of my Swedish friends now have kids (a few of them even have several!), and they got plastic glitter version, not the ones made with glass ornaments, as they are extremely fragile, and not exactly "baby safe".

I wish I would have made a few clip-on version as well, as little Bonnie, who doesn't have pierced ears, wanted a pair as well. This was an acceptable workaround though.

It was lovely seeing these ladies, and super fun to meet all their littles. Hope y'all like your festive little earrings!

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