Sunday, October 28, 2012

DIY Project: Pin Cushion Jars Tutorial

I love these Pin Cushion Jars! They look cute, are easy to make, useful when you're sewing, and last but not least, you can keep pins safely tucked away inside while you're not using them. This is a quick and easy little project to put together, that makes a great gift for anyone who likes sewing. I made these for the fabulous ladies in my book club (sorry ladies for the spoiled surprise).

DIY Project: Pin Cushion Jars Tutorial
Each jar takes but minutes to complete, and lends itself well to making a bunch at a time. It is a perfect scrap buster.

What you'll Need:
canning jars, any size
fabric scraps - I used some charm pack leftovers from another project
hot glue

What to do:
1. Unscrew your lid, and take it apart.

2. Lay the flat piece on a fabric scrap, and cut around it, with 1-2 inches extra fabric around all sides (since I used fabric from a charms pack, I didn't bother making mine perfect circles and instead kept them square, but it didn't make a difference). Then cut your small circle. Using your lid as a guide, cut your circle about 1/2 inch smaller than the lid.
3. Place your lid face down on your larger fabric piece, grab some batting and stuff under the lid, folding the extra fabric over the lid edges.

4. Add a line of glue to the lid, under the folded flap of fabric, and attach the fabric as smoothly as you can. Work your way around the lid, gluing and smoothing down the fabric as you go. If needed, add some more batting before you clue the last bit of the circle.

5. Trim off any excess fabric.
6. Glue your small circle on top of the fabric edges, pressing down firmly, to prevent as much bulk as possible. Let dry.

7. Place lid ring on top of the fabric side, and let the stuffed pouff poke out of the hole, screw the lid onto your jar and you're done!

Stuffed with some goodies, like candy, a bundle of fat quarters, or small sewing supplies, they make a nice little gift for crafty friends.


  1. What a totally cute idea! And so practical. I'm curious what you'll be putting in the jar portion of yours.

  2. Those came out so cute! I had no idea making something like that was so simple. Leave it to you to find the most awesome projects!

  3. So very adorable! I want to collect all the jars in the world and do cute things with them. Such a nice little project for those fabric scraps sitting around as well.