Friday, June 22, 2012

DIY Project: Iron-On Month-to-Month Onesies

It seems every single person I know have been pregnant this year, and now all those babies are starting to arrive in droves. Another birth announcement seem to show up every week, and this week there were two!

Now, what to give a baby that it wasn't already given at the baby shower? Instead of adding another beeping plastic toy to the inevitable collection, I really wanted to give a gift that would create something memorable for the parents. I first saw these Month-to-Month onesies online a while ago, and thought it was such a great way to document a baby's first year. Initially, I ordered some here, and when I received my order and realized how simple these are to make, I made a bunch of my own versions for gifts, using transfer paper and my printer. Easy as pie!

Welcome Baby Gift: Iron-On Month-to-Month Onesies 

What You'll Need:
Iron-on numbers, 1-12 - make your own (cheap, and very easy but you need transfer paper and a printer), or purchase ready-made
2 x onesies Size 0-3 Months (1, 2)
3 x onesies Size 3-6 Months (3, 4, 5)
3 x onesies Size 6-9 Months (6, 7, 8)
2 x onesies Size 12 Months (9, 10)
2 x onesies Size 18 Months (11, 12)

I added a gift card to a photo book printing company, to make a "Baby's 1st Year" photo book with the monthly pictures.

1. Make iron-on number designs, using editing program of choice, then size and print. Make sure you print on the correct side of the transfer!
2. Cut around each design, removing any extra transfer material.
3. Arrange each number with the appropriately sized onesie, and make sure they are centered. Check & double check that you have them arranged and paired up correctly, because you can't undo them once they are ironed on.
4. Iron numbers onto onesies, making sure that the garment is completely flat and to put some thick paper in-between fabric layers to prevent transfer through the garment. Follow the directions on your iron-on transfer for appropriate ironing time and temperature.
5. Wash and dry onesies inside out, and fold so that the numbers can still be seen.
6. Add onesies to a gift box, in numerical order, making sure the numbers are visible form the top.
7. Add a card (and the gift card), and close lid. Tie box with ribbon.
8. The gift is ready to be gifted!

Iron-on number designs - 
I made a few different ones in several color codes, 
both very simple ones like these, some patterned, and a few themed sets.

These Month-to-Month Onesies gifts sets were VERY quick and easy to make, took less than 30 minutes start to finish, at a total cost of approximately $40 per set, most of which is the cost of the onesies, as iron-on supplies are very cheap if you make them yourself. I find the Etsy versions, of both the iron-on transfers as well as the completed sets (which are listed for more than $70), to be really over-priced for what you get, but maybe that's just because I've made my own and know just how easy & cheap they are to make...?

Month to Month Onesies, set of 12

Overall, I'm happy with these gifts, and hopefully they will give these busy new parents a chance to document the first year of their baby's life in a fun, memorable way. 


  1. What a great idea! Just a note-Gerber onesies run incredibly small so either stay away from that brand or be sure to adjust your sizes. They seem to be about one size smaller than labeled.

    1. Thank you SO MUCH for letting me know about his. This time, I think it will be fine as the baby receiving this set was born 2 weeks early, but I will definitely keep this in mind going forward. I really appreciate it!

  2. Or you could just have them wear a plain white onesie and photoshop this into the picture like I did.

    1. Absolutely, that is a great idea, especially if it's for your own kids.
      Does not make much of a gift though... ;)

  3. Or you could just have them wear a plain white onesie and photoshop this into the picture like I did.

  4. Great idea! I really want to do this but I'm having a hard time finding single onesies for all the months. Any thoughts on where to buy them?

    1. Thanks! I found mine online at, but I didn't get them single, I got multipacks.
      Perhaps Target, or similar retailer? I hope you find the onesies you need.

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea! I just did it at home here for a friend's baby shower this weekend and it was SUPER easy. I also added a little animal for each month (giraffe, zebra, etc). I'm sooo excited for the mama-to-be to open her gift! She'll love it!! Thanks so much for your detail tutorial!! xoxoxo!!!

    1. You are so welcome! I'm so glad you found it helpful! It's such a easy, fabulous project!
      I'm sure your friend will love her baby gift!

  6. I don't think I'd make all 12...I've had a 30 lb one year old and an 18 lbs one year old. It's very very hard to guess sizes ahead of time...

    1. That is a good point, Marlene. Not every baby falls in the standard size. That is a great thing to keep in mind, and adjust accordingly. I have gifted these to 8 different newborn babies so far, and have yet to have any size-issues, but none have been outliers size-wise.

      For your own babies it would be very easy to iron each month on as you go, or if you are gifting and want to keep sizing an open option, you could gift just the iron-ons.