Sunday, June 24, 2012

Redux: "Quicky" Yard Panel Baby Blanket

I made another baby blanket yesterday, using the same yard panel as my first Quicky Baby Blanket tutorial, but in pink this time.

Pink Yard Panel Baby Blanket

I did change a few things, compared to last time:
           1. moved the location of my label, from the binding, to the body of the quilt.
           2. quilted the background in diagonal stripes

Image source: my Instagram

           3. this time I tried rounded corners, and used a very skinny binding, a left-over from another project

Rounded corners, skinny binding
              4. a different, but still coordinating, backing print

 Quicky Yard Panel Baby Blanket backing

Overall, I'm pretty happy with this blanket. It is very light, but still cuddly. It took a little over 2 hours to make from start to finish, and only that long because of the added trickiness of working with such a slim binding. While I might try the rounded corners again, I'll definitely stay away from super skinny binding in the future. So not worth the effort, but it worked well on this light little blanket. I sent it off with a set of my Month-to-Month Onesies, and together they will hopefully make a great, useful gift.


1 yard (Yard Panel) Sheri McCulley Studio, Woodland Tails, Panel Pink

1 yard Sheri McCulley Studio, Woodland Tails, Friends, Green

pink bias cut binding - left over from another project


  1. That is super cute. Love the colors & design. I have to say, even with a simple project like that, I think it would take me a lot longer than 2 hours. (I'm just not a fast sewer!)

    1. Thanks!
      I should disclose that I'm not very meticulous when I craft, be it sewing or otherwise. I usually prioritize speed way over neatness. Although, this project is so simple and quick you might be surprised.

  2. This is so sweet, love it and added to Pinterest - thanks for sharing :)