Monday, February 11, 2013

DIY Project: Pet Pod Blanket

My dog likes to get covered up in his bed, preferably so only the tip of his snout peaks out. I designed and made him this "pod blanket", to help reduce his frequent blanket frustration, when he just can't get his bedding organized properly by himself. We frequently "tuck him in", but I was hoping this little burrowing blanket would help him get comfortable when we're not around to help him.

Still having some doubts about this strange blanket.

This blanket consists of a quilted blanket pouch, or pod, in a mix of cotton, batting and minky fabric, it is quilted, with a funnel at the opening, that stays open, to help keep the pod easily accessible. It fits perfectly in my dog's beloved donut bed.

Finally enjoying his little burrowing pod blanket.

I made this blanket yesterday morning, and while it didn't take very long, it actually proved too much for my little sewing machine, and right as I finished the project, it broke. I'm glad I got to complete the project before my machine quit on me, but I have several other projects in the works, that now need to wait until it is fixed to be completed. To add insult to injury, when I first showed my dog his brand new, awesome, sewing-machine-breaking blanket, he hated it. Literary wanted nothing to to do with it. 

Eventually, after trying this suspected torture device for a little while, he seemed to grow to like it. Then the cats discovered it as well, and suddenly we were dealing with Pet War 1 for the rights to the pod blanket. 

 The more the merrier!

While it's really hilarious to see them bicker about who gets to use it, I'm just glad that it actually is getting some use. Initially, when it was hated by everyone, I was afraid it would end up collecting dust in some closet. 

My cat LOVES the pod blanket!!!