Thursday, February 7, 2013

DIY Project: Bunting Garland Photo Prop

I made these bunting garlands to use as photo props for an upcoming photo shoot with my baby niece, but of course, it could just as well be used as decor for a nursery, as a party prop, or whatever else that could benefit from the addition of a charming little banner.

This is a very simple project, similar to my Retail Knockoff version of Kata Golda's Winter Holiday Banner, but this time in cotton fabric instead of Felt. I made a few different versions.

DIY Project: Bunting Garland Photo Prop

For one banner, personalization optional.

What you need:

Cotton fabric in coordinating colors for 15 bunting flags
3 yards twill tape, binding, twine, or ribbon

optional: contrasting fabric for letters

What to do:

1. Cut 15-ish bunting flags of desired shape and size.

from my project sketch  

2. Serge or zig-zag around the raw edges of each flag, to prevent unraveling, or leave them raw, depending on the look you want. Alternatively, cut twice as many flag as needed, and place them in pairs, right side facing, and sew around the hanging sides (not the one that will be attached to the twill tape), then turn right side out and press.

3. Optional: spell a name or greeting by cutting letters of contrasting fabric and sew onto banners. If spelling several words on one banner, leave blank banner as divider between words. IF using a two layer method, add letters BEFORE pairing to hide the seams.

Two double cloth banners, one with closed seams, one with edges left raw.

4. IF using twill tape, space your flags onto your twill tape, either by overlapping, edge to edge, or spaced a couple of inches apart. Fold pennants over the top of the twill tape and sew across to secure.
IF using biascut binding (which is great for banners), just stick your flags inside the fold at desired distance apart, and sew across to secure. Remember to leave approximately 10 inches spare length of tape at each side of the flags for hanging.

Bias-cut binding is perfect for bunting garlands! Stick the flags inside, and secure across the top.

5. Your banner is done!

3 different size & shape bunting garlands, to be used as a photo backdrop.

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  1. Annie, Really nice post for making bunting, I amazed with simplified process explain. I always think of to make colorful bunting but never thought that making of bunting is so simple. But now I m sure I can do this without any hassle. Thanks again.